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Integrated Image Acquisition Systems

ThermEval systems set new high standards for performance and ease-of-use at substantially lower cost than competitor systems. We do it by combining a high-quality infrared camera and a powerful computer with innovative software and an interface that portrays the system as a friendly, semi-automatic and very easy to use medical appliance.

Models Offered
ThermEval offers two models of turn-key systems. The camera employed differentiates the models. Software is operationally the same for each model.

  • ThermEval's Model 325 ($15,950) employs a camera with 320px X 240px resolution and a 60Hz frame rate. The high frame rate offers real-time, high-speed imaging. ThermEval recommends the Model 325 for ACT Examinations, Breast Thermography, and for many of the other indications for thermographic studies.
  • The Model 655 ($25,950) boasts ultra-sharp 640px X 400px resolution at a 50Hz frame rate. With its uncooled detector, high resolution, and all of the cutting-edge functionality scientists and researchers require, the Model 655 brings thermal imaging and measurement to a whole new level.

For detailed information on the cameras, please visit FLIR Cameras.

Appliance Metaphor

In addition to its state-of-the-art camera, each system includes a laptop computer with proprietary camera control and image acquisition and manipulation software, and a direct portal to upload the images to the reading service for interpretation. The combination is a complete thermographic image acquisition system with push-button ease-of-operation.

The patient is prepared for equilibration, the examiner clicks a button on the computer screen, and a ten-minute video describing the examination and its meaning begins playing for patient viewing. When the patient has equilibrated, the examiner returns and clicks another button. The video player closes, and the Image Capture Screen is launched. The patient is positioned for the first image. The examiner presses a button and the camera automatically focuses. Then, another button is pressed to capture the image. When the three images have been recorded, the examination is finished. The examiner completes the Examination Submittal Form, and drags the images from the open image folder to the mailbox icon, where they are uploaded to the reading service for interpretation.

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