Introductory Comments


Whether you're already offering breast thermography in your practice and are looking for a more rewarding experience, seeking to augment your practice with the latest and best technology, or contemplating a new breast thermography practice, you will find the TAS site of interest to you.

TAS offers state-of-the-art clinical systems and image interpretation from a credible, easy-to-use, web-based service that interprets breast thermograms consistent with the gold standard interpretation protocol.


Long-term survival from breast cancer depends on the earliest possible detection of the disease. Breast thermography has demonstrated unsurpassed efficacy for the earliest detection of breast cancer. But, as capable as breast thermography is, it is under-utilized.

TAS is driven by the conviction that long-term breast cancer survival rates will be favorably impacted by the widespread use of breast thermography, if the examinations and image interpretations are performed correctly.

An Opportunity

An opportunity exists to dramatically improve breast cancer long-term survival rates with the widespread use of breast thermography. Confusion and misunderstanding concerning which imaging system to purchase, and the absence of an acceptable, widely available and credible method for interpreting breast thermograms have hindered that opportunity.

A credible method for objectively interpreting breast thermograms has been available since the early 1980's, but its general use has been thwarted by its time-consuming complexity. Instructional courses promising interpretation expertise are available, but expensive, and if offered by alternative medicine practitioners they are usually of questionable value. The TAS thermogram interpretation services are ideal alternatives.


Dr. Michel Gautherie is a recognized expert in accurately evaluating breast thermograms, and the author of the gold standard breast thermography interpretation protocol upon which the TAS program is based. TAS founder, Edward B. "Ed" Jay, is a physicist-turned-businessman and an adept computer software developer. In 1982 Gautherie, Jay, and others joined together to develop and commercially use a computerized version of Gautherie's protocol.

Jay was tutored by Gautherie to learn Gautherie's interpretation technique, which enabled Jay to develop a computer program that embodied Gautherie's protocol and imparted Gautherie's expertise to other, less experienced individuals.

Jay's program received wide praise from the thermography community, including the most vociferous opponents of breast thermography at that time. The Jan. 1984 American Journal of Radiology reported that 'the program finally brings objectivity to the interpretation of breast thermograms.' And, extensive clinical trials reported that thermal breast assessment, such as that performed with Jay's program and examination protocol significantly augmented the long-term survival rates of examined patients by up to 61%.

Breast thermography had finally achieved credibility with demonstrable efficacy and was poised to take its place as the leading screening modality. It was believed that breast thermography examinations soon would become commonplace and long-term survival would be dramatically improved. Sadly, however, pressure from the mammography industry squelched clinical breast thermography (History).

After retiring in 2005 from a business career, Jay reviewed the current status of breast thermography. He expected a scenario in which breast thermography examinations are as common as an annual Pap Test. Instead he found thermography was under-utilized.

Having personally witnessed the efficacy of breast thermography when analyzed using Gautherie's protocol, Jay has an unshakable belief that breast cancer long-term survival will dramatically improve with widespread, correctly performed, and properly analyzed breast thermography screenings. In furtherance of this belief, Jay augmented and rewrote his earlier computer program to answer the need for a credible solution while also providing economic benefits to the practices employing breast thermography. The product of his three-year effort is the web-based TAS breast thermography evaluation service featured on this site.

Please feel free to peruse the site, and consider employing TAS in your practice. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you and a win-win relationship between you and your patients.