TAS Breast Thermogram Interpretation Service

By their very nature, breast thermograms are difficult to analyze and interpret, generally requiring a highly trained individual to perform the task. Most practitioners overcome this obstacle by outsourcing their thermogram interpretation requirements to specialized interpretation services.
When selecting a reading service, it is important to know that not all interpreters employ the same analytical technique. Some, like TAS, embrace internationally accepted standards based on clinical studies involving tens of thousands patients. Others use methods based on limited clinical observations of alternative medicine practitioners. The latter are not fully in accord with standard procedures and are appropriately cast as controversial by the medical establishment. How does one discriminate between the services using accepted standards and those which don't?
TAS's web-based reading service provides a proven solution to the dilemma of choosing a reputable and qualified breast thermogram evaluation center. Simply put, the TAS breast thermogram evaluation service conforms to internationally adopted standards and offers the most accurate, credible, objective and comprehensive breast thermogram evaluations available¹.
To assure the objectivity and accuracy of its interpretations, TAS employs the internationally adopted gold standard "Gautherie" breast thermogram interpretation protocol. The interpretation method used by TAS to interpret breast thermograms assesses more than twenty important qualitative and quantitative thermopathological markers and embodies a 15-year clinical study of more than 110,000 symptomatic patients.
TAS delivers quick, accurate and credible assessments of the complex thermal patterns of the human breast. Using the service is easy. Submit examination information and images for evaluation with a mouse click, and receive a comprehensive Report of Thermographic Findings delivered by email, as well as posted to your TAS web account.
We invite you to go for a test drive. The first two evaluations are on us. Register your account and submit an examination. You'll be pleasantly impressed with the quality and thoroughness of our reports and service.