Thermography Equipment Sales - Clinical Systems and Cameras

TAS offers two models of image acquisition systems and the premier line of infrared-sensitive cameras, software and accessories used in the TAS systems and manufactured by FLIR Systems.

TAS integrated clinical systems are characterized by excellent image quality and superior functionality. Each model delivers a complete thermographic image acquisition system with push-button ease-of-operation at prices substantially less than competitive systems. Click here for details: TAS Systems. »

The intrinsic value of a thermographic examination depends strongly on the quality of the acquired images, for deficiencies in the recording process can render the examination useless. To achieve maximum accuracy and be assured that thermograms clearly display the information required to perform a detailed analysis, TAS uses, recommends and sells cameras produced by FLIR Systems, the premier manufacturer of infrared cameras. FLIR Cameras »

TAS systems and FLIR cameras are available with affordable, tax-advantage financing. Equipment Financing »

Whether you're adding thermography to your practice, upgrading an existing system, or investigating solutions for your biomedical requirements, call on us. We'll be pleased to guide your purchase to assure you achieve the best solution for your needs.